CoffeeBreak is an innovative project supporting young people accessing the world of work. We recognise the need to support our young people in becoming work ready and with CoffeeBreak we are able to give our care experienced young people a safe space to learn new things and discover their talents while developing those key skills that all employers are looking for.

How it started

CoffeeBreak was born after a small group of our young people got together with the University of East Anglia Norwich Business School to work and develop on a project to help give employability skills and experience. After producing a business plan the team managed to secure funding for the project and in August 2020, CoffeeBreak's first Young Barista served their first customer some of the finest coffee around! Read more about the story here.

The mobile coffee van fully equipped to produce great tasting coffee wherever our customers want it. All our coffee is freshly ground on site and drinks are freshly prepared right in front of you. Thank you to our sponsor Osiris IT who help support this project.

Menu & services

CoffeeBreak is a mobile coffee van that can travel anywhere within the Norfolk area. We can work with you to produce a package to suit the budget you have for your event.

We offer freshly ground and freshly prepared coffees from local roasters, offer a range of teas and other soft drinks as well as a great selection of cakes and snacks. We can cater for both small and large events alike and work with a number of suppliers to be able to offer whatever refreshments you need, whether that’s drinks and mince pies for a Christmas party or hot coffee and pastries for a networking breakfast.

Please see an example of our menu here.

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Listen to the podcast

Natasha and Maryanne share the impact CoffeeBreak has had on their life, whilst Joe shares, as manager of Break’s Opportunities team, what he’s learnt to make sure young people can feel safe to access and grow through working on the van.


Our coffee comes from Green Farm Coffee based just outside of Norwich, their in house roasted coffee are rainforest alliance certified and carry the distinctive green frog graphic. The Rainforest Alliance is an independent, not-for-profit organisation with 15 years’ experience in sustainable agriculture. They work extensively in Latin America, where most of the world’s coffee is grown.

By following the Rainforest Alliance guidelines, producers can improve worker conditions, provide training, reduce waste, reduce costs such as fertilizers and pesticides, implement better farm planning and monitoring, and recruit nature as an ally on the farm. These things make a farm more stable, generally more prosperous and more sustainable. In most cases, improving farm management also improves the quality of the coffee. Better quality and the certification seal of approval help farmers become more profitable.

“What a worthwhile cause. I am a bit of coffee snob and there is nowhere to have a really decent cuppa around here so this is a brilliant idea. The coffee was perfect and well done to the young person who served us as that must have been daunting. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

A happy CoffeeBreak customer.

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