Meet the prehistoric pack!

This year, GoGoDiscover brings you not one, not two but three different sculptures! Large T.rex and Steppe Mammoths and smaller Breakasaurus.

The T.rex were chosen to accompany Dippy the Diplodocus on his visit to Norwich Cathedral from the Natural History Museum in 2021, but the Steppe Mammoths of 2022 were chosen for a reason much closer to home. If you stomp up to the Deep History Coast at West Runton, you’ll find the discovery site of the oldest and largest fossilised mammoth skeleton ever found in the UK. They also represent the mammoth expectations the young adults Break supports on leaving care.

The smaller Breakasaurus have been imaginatively decorated by local schools and community groups as part of GoGoDiscover’s Learning and Community Programme.

This year we were determined to bring you sculptures decorated by new and local artists this year and that’s just what we’ve done! 21 of the sculptures you see have been decorated by an artist new to our GoGo projects, and 35 are local to the area.

Don’t take our word for it though. Head to the streets and shores of Norwich and Norfolk and see if you can pick your favourite. It’s always hard with so many roar-some creations to choose from. And what better excuse to spend a few days exploring Deep History Coast of Norfolk than a mammoth art trail? Maybe you’ll even find a genuine mammoth fossil on your hunt!

There are 55 large T.rex sculptures to find across Norwich's city centre. Got a favourite from last year you'd like to see again? Maybe one of our new faces will be your new top T.rex!

24 Steppe Mammoths are stomping around Norfolk. Spanning from Great Yarmouth in the east and King's Lynn in the west, enjoy a day out as you hunt them down

These 100 Brekasaurus sculptures may be small but they are mighty! Decorated by schools and community groups, though see if you can spot the odd ones out!

Will you take home a piece of the trail?

After the trail, the sculptures will all in need of a new home. Some will already be heading back to their schools, community groups or sponsors, but you'll have a chance to take home the ultimate GoGoDiscover momento at the auction on Wednesday 28 September or by buying a £5 raffle ticket to be in with a chance to win Breakasurus Rex, a smaller T.rex mosaic sculpture. 

Your bids and tickets will stamp out the mammoth expectations young adults face when they leave care. Every penny means Break can walk with every young person we support for as long as they need us. It’s not easy living by yourself when there’s no family around to support you and with your support, Break promise to be that family.