Going, going, gone!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the GoGoDiscover 2022 trail! After 10 weeks of entertaining more than half a million people across Norfolk and Norwich, the grand finale being the GoGoDiscover Charity Auction on the 28th September 2022.

The  event, together with pre-sale of some of the sculptures back to sponsors, raiseded a (pre)historic mammoth amount of £427,400 - the most Break have ever raised in one of our trail auctions.

We are passionate about making sure we continue to be there for the young people we support for however long they need, just like a family should.

Take home a piece of the Trail...

Official GoGoDiscover merch

Want something to remember the trail by? We've teamed up  with some fantastic partners to bring you the limited edition GoGoDiscover cuddly T. rex, sticker books, bags, prints, pencil cases and more!

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