Real fostering stories

Stuart and Paula's story

Foster carers

Stuart and Paula and have been foster carers with Break for over ten years and during that time have cared for five young people, and five parents with their babies.

Foster child sitting down with support worker from Norfolk non profit smiling while talking

Heather's story

Support foster carer

Heather is a Support foster carer for Break. She helps other fostering families get some much-needed time and space for themselves and other young people in their home, whilst also giving their foster child a place to stay which is supportive, safe and familiar.

Kerry's story

Foster carer

Kerry and her husband have been fostering with Break since 2022 having transferred from being a foster carer with her local authority, bringing their foster child Olli with them. Here Kerry explains just how easy it was to do and what drew her to Break.

Clare and David's story

Foster carers

Clare and David are currently in the process of becoming Break foster carers and spoke with us to give an insight into what the process is like.

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