Parent and child fostering

Our aim is to keep families together wherever possible. In parent-child foster care, a mother or father and their child, typically a baby, will come to stay with you when they need some extra support so they can provide a stable environment for their child to thrive.   

Why do they need support?

Becoming a parent is a challenge for anyone, and even more so if you have experienced your own trauma. Some parents don't have the support they need from their own family or network to be able to provide the care their child needs. 

For example:

  • They may be a young parent without the confidence or skills to look after their child safely yet. 
  • They may not have grown up in a safe and nurturing environment themselves, and therefore lack the skills and knowledge to be able to create this for their own child.

  • They may not have a safe place to nurture their child due to unhealthy relationships or financial hardship.

  • They may be trying to navigate their own health needs alongside the care of their child, perhaps as a result of mental health needs or substance misuse. 

What you should expect

You will become their extended family, offering support and guidance. You will use your own skills to empower them to reach their full potential so they can build their confidence in parenting their child.   

Typically, a placement will last around six months and in that time you will:  

  • Give them a safe and loving home environment  
  • Help them learn essential parenting and household skills.  
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of the child. 
  • Support them in caring for their child independently. 
  • Contribute daily notes for their assessment.
  • Participate in meetings with professionals.
  • Support them in moving on from foster care. 

In return we will: 

  • Give you all the training you need included Trauma and Attachment, and Child Development. 
  • Provide detailed information about the parent and child so that you can offer support which is attuned to their needs.
  • Provide regular supervision and support.
  • Provide access to our emotional wellbeing team.