Group activities and residencies


Raising children, young people and staff’s aspiration is at the heart of our strategy. We believe that by supporting the Break community we contribute in building brighter futures.

Break believe that in order for a young person to raise their aspirations we must offer a safe and non-judgemental environment.

We give our young people a space to develop relationships based on trust, express themselves, be supported to manage their feelings, develop a sense of belonging and fully take part in a co-production process which will lead to a sense of empowerment.

Within this safe base, everyone is invited to try new things, explore or deepen skills and knowledge and step out of their comfort zone through; outdoor activities; arts & crafts; residencies, expeditions and youth exchanges; wellbeing activities and peer mentoring opportunities.

These activities support young people to boost their confidence, enhance their wellbeing and to find answers about how they exist within themselves, in relation to others and the wider and always changing world. These steps are essential to feel able to widen horizons, foresee a positive future and access employment pathways.

Since its establishment, the team have built extremely valuable partnerships with other organisations who have offered priceless experiences and shared their skills with our children and young people. These partnerships are local, national, European and even worldwide!


Break have developed and strengthened partnerships with:

  • Wrongs Covert, a wonderful woodland where young people can develop all kind of skills and experience including using tools, fire making, natural dying and a lot more.
  • European partners in Latvia and Georgia by securing Erasmus & funding to implement a youth exchange in 2021.
  • British Exploring Society offering expeditions in the UK and overseas.
  • Landmark Trust who offered a group of young people the opportunity to do a residency in one of their properties.
  • Individual freelance artists and workers bringing their expertise including mindful self-compassion, music, drama.
  • Arts organisations including Norwich Puppet Theatre.
  • Excelsior, a sailing boat offering trips for young people to take the lead of the boat and go overseas!

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