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Step up for young people in care and join our BreakFIT challenge to walk 10,018 steps a day in January!

1 Jan 2023

If you’re looking for a new year challenge, come and join our BreakFIT challenge to complete 10,018 steps a day from 1st to 31st January 2023 and help us to continue to walk alongside the young people we support.

Although 10,000 steps is often the marker set, we’re asking individuals to walk an extra 18 to highlight the age at which young people in care are expected to step into living independently - leaving their home and everything they know, sometimes whilst still processing childhood trauma, with little support.

For many, this sudden change can often be challenging, and leavers aged between 19-21 are four times more likely to find themselves not in employment, education or training than young adults who haven’t experienced care, which can lead to homelessness and high rates of loneliness and depression. But services such as our Staying Close, Staying Connected service helps young care leavers with the transition to independent living by providing with housing and a transition worker giving practical and emotional support, helping them to gain confidence and independence.


All money raised from the challenge will mean we can continue our promise of lifelong support, walking alongside these young people for as long as they need.

“Having to leave care can be scary, especially when you don’t feel ready which I didn’t when I was 18,” explains Finn, who is currently being supported by Break’s Staying Close Staying Connected service. ‘I was still trying to process a lot of things about myself and my family, and then you’re suddenly out there on your own with little help on what to do next. I was lucky that I got the support I needed from Break. They have shown me it’s ok to be scared and that I'm not alone, and I know that they will always be there for me if I need them.’

People can sign up to the challenge through the our Facebook fundraising page with everyone taking part receiving a free Break t-shirt, and those who raise £118 or over will get a hero’s medal!

There is also a work Lunch-BREAK challenge of 1,018 steps a day for anyone who may find it difficult to fit in the full amount, which is a great way to have some time away from the desk and get out with colleagues.

‘We’re really excited to welcome everyone who signed up to take on the challenge and can’t wait to get started in January.” comments Break Fundraising Officer, Hayley Malone. ‘It’s a great way to start the new year and everyone’s fundraising will go towards ensuring the young people we look after can safely take that step out of care with all the support they need. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone gets on with the challenge throughout the month and seeing all the stories shared on our Facebook fundraising group.”

To get involved just join Break’s Facebook Challenge Community page, BreakFIT January 2023 10,018 Step Challenge where you can find all the information on how to sign up for the challenge.

Want to learn more about fundraising?

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