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Missing the GoGoDiscover T.rex already?

Luckily there is a last chance to see the 2021 GoGoDiscover sculptures before they go into hibernation and join us again next year!

Pathways to Employment

Break are focused on increasing the participation of our young people in all aspects of our work, raising aspirations and helping them find their spark and bridge the gap between themselves and potential employment.

Through projects like CoffeeBreak and Building Futures, we are giving young people the confidence, experience and skills to take the first steps into the world of work.

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Latest News

Cows About Cambridge: Charity auction bidders deserve pat on the back

Cows about Cambridge raised a moovellous £257,100 in a charity auction hosted by celebrity auctioneer Charles Hanson at the Graduate Cambridge hotel yesterday evening.

Celebrity auctioneer and TV personality Charles Hanson to host Cows About Cambridge charity auction

Celebrity auctioneer and TV personality Charles Hanson will preside over a moovellous auction to be held at the Graduate Hotel, Cambridge from 7pm on 23 September.

Grrreat last chance to see dinos at 'Farewell for Now' event at Norwich Cathedral this October half term

Dino hunters get ready, Break has announced that its GoGoDiscover T.rex sculptures won’t be heading into extinction just yet and will be heading to Norwich Cathedral for a special family celebration event to celebrate Dippy the Diplodocus’s last week at Norwich Cathedral at October Half Term.