We love how artists, designers and illustrators can bring our blank sculpture to life!

Thank you for the incredible entries, artist submission have now closed. We will be in touch following the Art Selection Event in July 2023.

Download the Cambridge Standing Tall Artist pack:

A woman with blonde hair standing and smiling looking at the camera. She is amongst Giraffe sculptures that tower over her.

Why a Giraffe?

There are a lot of reasons we thought they would be the perfect animal to represent the work we do here at Break.




How many designs can I submit?

We will accept up to three designs per artist.

What sort of designs are you looking for?

We ask that the designs entered fit one
of the following seven themes:

• Giraffes
• Cambridge and Cambridgeshire
• Graffiti, Street and Illustrative Art
• Characters
• Mosaic and Textured
• Contemporary and Modern Art
• Natural World and Environment
• Science, Innovation and Technology

When planning your designs, please bear in mind that they should be appropriate for public display and for a
wide audience. Designs that are overtly religious, political or sexual in nature will not be accepted.

Will I get paid to paint the sculpture?

Yes. If you’re selected, you will receive an honorarium of £1,000 including VAT upon completion of your artwork. Your work will be recognised across relevant printed material and event collateral for your sculpture including the sculpture plaque, official trail map, website and mobile app.

Do you pay expenses?

Artist materials are not provided. Break will be responsible for varnishing all decorated sculptures before they go on the streets. If you are not able to paint the sculpture in the designated Cambridge Standing Tall painting space, you will be responsible for the cost of transporting the sculpture to your studio.

Will I be asked to change my design?

If your design is chosen by a sponsor, they will sometimes have ideas they’d like to talk through with you. We will
manage this process and will always bear in mind the integrity of your creation. Final designs will be signed off by the Cambridge Standing Tall team.

Can I use logos on my design?

Corporate logos and advertising are not permitted. We also cannot accept designs which infringe on third party
Intellectual Property, for example film, | Artist Welcome Pack 10 book or TV franchises, character brands or personalities. We will require you to sign our standard copyright agreement for each design.

Can I add 3D elements to my design?

Cambridge Standing Tall is an interactive event, so please keep in mind your sculpture will be repeatedly touched by the public. Artists may attach items to the sculpture but must make sure they are robustly attached, durable in an outdoor environment and that the finished work remains structurally intact. It is recommended that only artists experienced in working with fibreglass submit designs that use this process.

Where will I paint the sculpture?

There will be a designated painting space available to artists either in or close to Cambridge. These details will be confirmed by the Cambridge Standing Tall team upon commission. You will be able to transport the sculpture to your own studio, at your own cost. Please remember to take a look at the measurements at the end of this page
to make sure the giraffe will fit in your space!

When can I tell people about my designs?

We know that it’s exciting but we ask that you keep your designs confidential at this stage – it helps build the excitement for the trail in spring 2024.

How will the sculptures be fixed down?

When placed on the streets, each sculpture is bolted to a concrete base (or wooden if inside) using fixings attached to the giraffe. Artists should be aware to keep the feet area clear of any attachments or be prepared to replace
the attached items if they become dislodged.

What materials do you recommend I use?

The use of acrylic paints is recommended although artificial resin paint or two-component paint can also
be used to paint or spray a design.

While we welcome all art forms, experience has taught us that collage and/or sticking paper or paper-based
products do not prove as effective as painting or mosaics due to the outdoor nature of this event. Please consider this before submitting your design.

Will I need to be available during the trail or to help with installation?

Artists will not be responsible for placing their sculpture on the streets or collecting them at the end of the
event. We do, however, ask artists to be available during and after the event for any touch-up work that may be required. If the original artist is unavailable another
artist will carry out this work.

What are the giraffe sculpture’s dimensions?

The giraffe is 2.5m tall, 46cm wide and 1.5m long. It weighs approximately 75kg. If you plan on using your own studio, please check that the sculpture will fit before you submit your designs!

Break has worked with Wild in Art for over 10 years, the collaboration has led to the success of previous trails GoGoGorillas 2013, GoGoDragons 2015, GoGoHares 2018, Cows about Cambridge 2021 and GoGoDiscover 2021 & 2022, between them raising over one million pounds for Break.

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