Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions on all things Cambridge Standing Tall.

The Auction

When will the auction take place?

The auction will be held at the Graduate Cambridge on 19 June. If you would like to attend as a bidder, please register your interest here. 

Will there be an estimate guide price?

No, but from previous trails we know that the sculpture price can range from £3k – £22K with an average price being approx. £7k.

Will the sculptures include the concrete base?

Most sculptures will be supplied without the concrete base however there will be some concrete bases  available to buy. We can discuss this with you once you’ve purchased your sculpture. 

Are the sculptures suitable to be left out over winter months or need protecting?

Some of our sculptures which are currently displayed in internal locations generally are more suited to indoor use, however the all sculptures have been treated with varnish to protect them from the elements.  Buyers will receive a maintenance guide and the Break team would be happy to advice further if required.  

Will the sculptures be delivered?

Delivery is not included with your purchase, however you are able to organise delivery with our logistics partners for an additional fee at or after the auction.

About the trail

What is Cambridge Standing Tall?

Cambridge Standing Tall follows on from the success of Cows about Cambridge in Summer 2021. And will see 31 Large Gs and 62 Mini Gs take to the city’s streets for ten weeks from 21 March.  

The Large Gs will be decorated by an artist and sponsored by a local business and the smaller Mini Gs decorated by local schools and community groups to form the Learning and Community part of the trail which will see their Mini Gs returned to them when the trail ends.  

When is Cambridge Standing Tall live?

Cambridge Standing Tall will be on the streets from Thursday 21 March to Sunday 2 June 2024. 

Do I have to pay?

While there is no entry fee to see these gentle giants on the streets of Cambridge this spring, we do suggest that, if you're able, you donate £1 or more to Break when you pick up your trail map, or scan a QR code on one of the sculpture plaques. All funds raised will improve the lives of children in care and young adults as they leave care. 

How do you choose the locations?

There's a variety of reasons why we choose a location. We think about how well people will be able to access the site, whether it's well-lit and safe, how your photos will look, as well as finding areas of the city and county you might not ordinarily visit. 

How can I plan my route around the trail?

This year there are a few options for planning your route: 

From the 17 March you can download the Cambridge Standing Tall app for £1.99 from the Apple store or Google Play Store. 

Soon you will be able to download the trail map from Break's website. 

From 21st March you can pick up a map from one of the trail map hubs across the city. 

There is a suggested donation of £1 per map to Break. You will be able to make your donation in a collection pot at one of the trail map hubs, scan the QR code on the map or visit here.

Where can I get a map?

If you'd like a paper copy, you can find them at the various trail map hubs across the city from the 21st  March. The locations are listed below. 

Or, if you'd prefer to take it online, soon you will be able to download the trail map from our website or get the Cambridge Standing Tall app from the Apple store or Google Play store for £1.99.  

Trail map hubs include: 

  • Hilton Cambridge City Centre 
  • Cambridge BID Ambassadors at Peas Hill or CB1 near train station 
  • Gonville Hotel  
  • Heffers Bookstore  
  • Break shop, Sawston 
  • Storey’s Field Centre Eddington 
  • Novotel Cambridge North 
What are you doing to make the trail environmentally friendly?

As you explore the trail you'll see that many of the sculpture art is dedicated to our planet and the environmental crisis we face. We always try and be as eco-minded as we can, and this topic is of huge importance to Break and the people we support.  

This year we will be:  

  • Printing fewer trail maps and have worked with Healeys Printers who became one of the first printers in the UK to offset their energy and own transport carbon output, thereby becoming carbon neutral. This was done in partnership with the World Land Trust. More information on how they achieved this can be found here. 
  • Encouraging trailgoers to download the Cambridge Standing Tall app or find an electronic copy of the trail map online.  
  • Re-using the concrete plinths from previous trail for the sculptures to stand on. There is also approximately 20% of the plinths made from wood which will be recycled at the end of the trail. 
  • We are also reusing any other materials we can from our previous sculpture trails. 
How is the Cambridge Standing Tall trail funded?

We are incredibly grateful to the 30+ local businesses that have sponsored the sculpture trail. You can see their names on the sculpture's plinths or our website here. If you’re using the Cambridge Standing Tall app some of our sponsors have included some fantastic rewards when you unlock their sculpture! 

Who is Wild in Art?

Wild in Art is a leading producer of spectacular public art events that entertain, enrich, inform and leave a lasting legacy. It brings together businesses and creative sectors with schools and local communities through the creation of uniquely painted sculptures. 

Since 2008 Wild in Art has animated cities worldwide, including Manchester, Sydney, Auckland, Cape Town and São Paulo, and created trails for the London 2012 Olympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Historic Royal Palaces and Penguin Random House. 

Find out more here Wild in Art | International Art Trails & Public Events 

How long will it take me to complete the trail?

That question might be too difficult for us to answer! Determined trail-goers might be able to get around the city trail in one day!  

As well as simple family fun and raising funds for Break, this trail is all about the local community. We encourage you to not only look up at the spectacular artwork on display but check out what this beautiful historic city has to offer.  

Is the Cambridge Standing Tall trail wheelchair friendly?

We try to make the locations as accessible as possible, but some will be easier to access than others. If you've spotted your favourite on our website and are worried about its location, please get in touch. We'll be more than happy to share exactly where it is and what's underfoot, crutch or wheel! 

Can I cycle the trail?

Yes, there's no reason not to, but please bear in mind that some of the sculptures in the city are in pedestrianised zones, and some are located inside venues.  

Is there any Cambridge Standing Tall merchandise available?

Yes there is! We have some giraffolous goodies on our website here which are only available during the trail! There will also be the opportunity for you to get your hands on some exclusive items including tote bags, a Tiny G figurine, and our smaller 3D printed Gs at some of our events and pop-up shops taking place across the city. Keep an eye on our website and our socials to see when and where we’ll be.  

What happens to the sculptures after the trail ends?


Many of the sculptures will be sold at a charity auction in Cambridge in June 2024, after the trail has ended. Money raised will allow Break to stand tall together with care leavers across Cambridge and Cambridgeshire as they leave care and make their next steps into independence as young adults. While they might have a harder mountain to climb, the right support means that there is really nothing out of reach. 

All the Mini Gs that were decorated by local schools and community groups will be returned to them.  

You can register your interest in bidding on one of our sculptures here.

The Sculptures

How many sculptures are there?

In total there are 93 sculptures: 31 Large Gs (standing at around 2.3m tall) and 62 Mini G sculptures (standing at around 1.3m tall). 

Why are there big sculptures and little sculptures?

The Large giraffes, hich have all been sponsored by a local business and decorated by an artist can be found around the city.    

The trail of smaller Mini G sculptures form the Learning and Community Programme and have been decorated by local schools and community groups. Once the trail is over, these will be returned to them to keep as a memento of the trial.  

Why did you choose a giraffe?

We appreciate it is not every day you see a giraffe strolling across Parker’s Piece, or doing a spot of shopping at the Grafton Centre, but we hope you’ll welcome these gentle giants with open arms into your city. 

It was important to us to choose a sculpture that would stand out from the crowd and made a visually contrasted with the cows of 2021. 

But what we love most of all is the connection with the young people in Break’s care. The giraffe’s spots are like a fingerprint, meaning they are all unique, much like the young people the trail will support. 

The sculptures have been the inspiration behind the name of the trail and we hope as you navigate the trail next year, you’ll stand tall together with incredible young adults leaving the care system, letting them know that there is nothing out of their reach. 

What are the sculptures made of?

Wild in Art sculptures are designed as a canvas for art and are made of lightweight, fire-resistant fibreglass. While each sculpture has been robustly tested to withstand any damage, we advise keeping off the sculptures and not climbing on them. If you spot any damage, please call the damage hotline on each of the sculpture plinths (01603 670460). 

How big are the sculptures and how much do they weigh?

The Large giraffes are around 2.3m tall and 1.5m length and 50cm wide. They weigh approximately 65kg. 

The Mini Gs are 1.5m tall and 93cm long and 40cm wide. They weigh approximately 20kg. 

Who decorates the sculptures?

The large sculptures were decorated by a total of 27 professional and amateur artists who submitted their designs almost a year prior to the trail starting! 20 out of the 27 artists are from the local region, 11 artists are brand new to Break's trails, and 5 have never painted a sculpture before. 

Each sponsor selected their sculpture's individual design.  

The Mini G sculptures, which you'll see as part of the Learning & Community Programme, have been decorated by schools and community groups. 

What happens to the sculptures at the end of the trail?

Many of the Large G sculptures will be sold at a charity auction at the Graduate Cambridge on 19 June 2024, after the trail has ended.  

Money raised will allow Break to stand tall together with care leavers across Cambridge and Cambridgeshire as they leave care and make their next steps into independence as young adults. While they might have a harder mountain to climb, the right support means that there is really nothing out of reach. 

The Mini G sculptures will be returned to the schools or community groups that created them. 

This question is repeated further up  

If I would like to buy a sculpture, how do I go about it?

Most large sculptures will be up for auction on the 19 June at the Graduate Cambridge. If you are interested in purchasing a sculpture, you can register your interest in attending. 

If you can't attend the event in person, there will be the option to register for the auction online, where you can place your bid from wherever in the world you find yourself!  

Find more details on the auction here. 

What happens if a sculpture is vandalised?

We really hope this won't happen, but on the chance it does, there is a damage reporting number to call on the trail map and each of the sculptures' plinths. We have a team of Trail Rangers making sure the sculptures are clean and damage-free throughout the trail, but please tell us about damage if you spot it by calling 01603 670460. 

How to get involved

How can I get involved in the trial?

There are so many ways to get involved! The trial helps us to raise the vital funds we need to continue the work we do with young care leaver that’s why we’re encouraging people to Step Up and Stand Tall and generate sponsorship while they take on the trail! We’ve got plenty of hints and tips on our Step Up and Stand Tall here.

What is ‘Step Up and Stand Tall’?

Step Up and Stand Tall is a fab fundraising idea that enables you to enjoy the trail whilst making a difference to children in care and young adults leaving care. 

The idea is simple, while searching for the 93 sculptures you could ask friends and family to sponsor your efforts. 

We’ve got plenty of hints and tips in our Step Up and Stand Tall pages, including sponsorship forms, posters and a 5k and 12k city centre route taking in some of the sculptures. Or challenge yourself – can you find all 31 Large Gs in one day? Ask for a £1 donation for everyone you navigate to over a weekend. 

What we can promise is that you’ll have fun and every penny raised will make sure Break can always be here to care for young adults after they’ve left care. 

How do I contact the trail team?

You can contact the fundraising team on our social media channels or by emailing fundraising@break-charity.org. 

About Break

What is Cambridge Standing Tall raising money for?

Break is a charity working across East Anglia to pave the way for a brighter future for children and young people who have experienced the care system. 

We have a unique promise to all the children and young people in our care: a lifelong offer of support. This means we will walk alongside young people for however long they need us, standing tall together until they are ready for independence. And our support means we’re not just here to find a way through the bad days, but here to celebrate the good ones too. 

Experiencing care can be lonely. People come and go, and it’s not unusual to experience multiple houses which rarely become homes. It often feels out of control. Break’s aim is to pull young people in close, allowing them to feel like they’re part of something special: a family that means you’re never alone. 

How can I make a donation to Break?

You can make a donation: 

  • Online 
  • Via the QR codes on the trail map and sculpture plinths 
  • By putting some cash in the collection pots when you pick up your map from one of the trail maps hubs.  
  • If you'd like to be in with a chance to win a once in a lifetime giraffe experience as part of our GiRaffle, can buy a £2 raffle ticket here. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit Break. 
How can I fundraise to support Break?

We would love that! We've got lots of ideas to keep the fun in fundraising and we’d love you to Step Up and Stand Tall for young care leavers. You can find out everything you need to know about how you can take on the trail and fundraise here.  

The Cambridge Standing Tall App

Is there an app with the trail?

Yes, you will be able to download the Cambridge Standing Tall app from the App Store or Google Play from 17 March 2024 at a cost of £1.99. You can explore each sculpture, track your progress as you walk the route and take advantage of special offers from businesses along the trail. 

Where can I download the app?

The app is available on iOs (and soon also Android) for £1.99. 

I'm having a problem with the Cambridge Standing Tall App... 

We are sorry you are experiencing an issue. 

Please submit a support ticket to the app developers here and they will respond to you within working hours. 

Please don't message us on our social media with app issues as only the app developers will be able to help you with this. 

What is a reward?

Many of the sculptures’ sponsors have offered trailgoers rewards through the app as they find sculptures on the trail. To unlock rewards, enter the sculpture’s app code to see if there’s a reward connected to the giraffe you’ve found. 

How do I find the sculptures?

Use the map, and pinch and swipe the map to zoom in and out. Location settings on your phone need to be turned ON to see your location on the map. Or go to the sculptures tab to access the sculpture listings and search for the sculpture name, artist or location. 

How do I collect the sculptures?

There is a 4-digit code to be found on each sculpture’s plaque. Click +COLLECT and enter the number. You have now collected that sculpture. 

How do I upload my images to the gallery?

You can upload a photo to the app Gallery by clicking Upload on the sculpture page. You’ll be asked to either Take a photo or Choose from library. Images uploaded will be vetted by the team before being published on the app. Your photo will be seen by other app players and can be shared on social media. So get creative!

Why should I register for an account?

User registration is required, as it will mean that if you lose or change your phone, you will be able to reinstate your progress on the trail on your new phone. 

What if I need help with the app?

You can submit a support ticket to the app developers here. 

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