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Break Family Centre

Break Family Centre is a dynamic, high quality, and integrated service providing a range of interventions for children, families, and the professionals that support them.

We provide assessments, work with schools, offer therapeutic work, family support, contact services, training, and development, including Solihull approach training courses and parenting support.

We also offer Alternative Dispute resolution as an alternative to mediation to support separating parents.

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Key statistics from 1st April 2018 - 31 March 2019:


Assessment packages

We provide bespoke assessment packages which can take place in the family home or in our practice rooms.

We believe change can be brought about without delay. We work hard at understanding families and the wishes, feelings, and needs of the child. We allocate two workers to each assessment to ensure objectivity, and each assessment is supervised.

We use a variety of tools in our work, including the assessment framework, attachment theory, and knowledge and understanding of safeguarding issues.

Working with schools

We work with schools to support children who are displaying challenging behaviour. We are aware that parental influence is a key factor in children’s attainment in schools, and that this can be compromised by complex family difficulties. We provide services in schoolsm including individual therapeutic work for children and group work, such as art therapy and drama therapy. We also provide support to staff with pastoral and safeguarding responsibilities.

Contact Services

As a regional Contact Centre, Break Family Centre provides a range of contact activities to support the Courts and Local Authorities in making decisions around whether contact with a family member is safe and appropriate.  We have four purpose-built suites, comprising contact and waiting areas with kitchen facilities.  Each room includes a comprehensive range of play equipment and activities, with the largest room housing suitable play equipment for older children i.e. table tennis, air hockey.  Separate accesses and a parking space is available for parties needing to be kept apart.

Parenting support

We offer a range of parenting interventions and packages of support. Our aim is to improve outcomes for children and young people through improving relationships between parents and children, helping parents to understand their children’s behaviour and developmental needs.

The Break Family Centre can provide individual support for parents in their home or at our centre. We can also deliver the Solihull Approach Parenting programme and the Solihull approach antenatal group.

We are able to offer all programmes to a local community or as a one to one intervention. We use video to inform our interventions and can provide Care Index interventions for children under two.

Therapeutic work

Our approach is relationship based; sessions provide a safe, consistent space. Practitioners use a range of creative activities and tools to support children to explore and express their feelings. Sessions can be provided for children alone or children supported by their parents or carers. Children who no longer live within their family or who have experienced changes and difficulties may benefit from therapeutic life story work, or from sessions which enable them to reconnect with their senses. This therapy includes play therapy, drama therapy, and art therapy.

Support for separating parents

We are uniquely placed to provide support for parents who are separating, as an alternative to mediation through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Young carers

We have staff who are training to offer support to Young Carers.

Training and workforce development

We have a range of training courses, some of which we run regularly and some which are run in response to demand or commission. Please click here for more information on our training.

For further information on The Solihull Approach visit the official website here.

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