Break both trains for care and cares for training


Break has amazing opportunities in a range of areas: permanent, temporary and relief job opportunities in all of our services; Foster carers; training and development opportunities for individuals and teams; volunteering opportunities in our shops, care settings and support services. 

Permanent, temporary and relief staff are recruited by managers with the support of our experienced in-house HR recruitment team. Applying for a job could not be easier... just click on jobs and you will be taken through the process. Good luck!

Break's Workforce Development team offers individual training; facilitated team training; and accredited care training. Our team members are wide ranging in their qualifications and knowledge and have experience in delivering to a variety of settings. Please go to Learning & Development to see all of our courses and find out how you can contact us.

Break has an array of volunteering opportunities. From helping to run one of our retail shops to working alongside the Fundraising team, volunteers help make Break the charity it is today. If you have a few hours to spare, please read the Volunteer section to find out what to do next.


permanent staff, 98 relief staff and 915 volunteers

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